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There is a wide range of activities at Landmark of Lake Charles in which residents and families can participate. Families are welcome and encouraged to visit our facility and participate in social activities with their loved ones.

Please download our activities calendar for exact dates and times. Highlights are included below for your convenience.

May 2022 Calendar


May 2
2:00 – Residents Council Meeting In the Main Dining Room

May 6
2:00 – Fashion Show

May 8
Mother’s Day Lunch with Dietary

May 11
Dragon Wednesday
Hong Kong Chinese Fest

May 17
2:00 – Ladies Day Social

May 21
3:00 – Fruit Bingo

May 26
2:00 – Board Games
Refreshments/Little Caesars Pizza

May 30
2:00 – Memorial Day Remembrance
those who died in the United States